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Retirement Visa: Non-O

The Non-Immigrant O (Retirement) Visa is designed for individuals aged 50 and above who wish to retire in Thailand. To qualify, applicants must demonstrate proof of adequate finances or pension income, typically equivalent to a specific amount in Thai baht held in a Thai bank account.

Marriage Visa: Non-O

The Non-Immigrant O (Marriage) Visa allows foreign nationals married to a Thai citizen to live in Thailand with their spouse. Applicants must provide proof of marriage and meet certain financial requirements, similar to the Retirement Visa.

Investment Visa: Non-B

The Non-Immigrant B (Investment) Visa is for individuals looking to invest in Thailand. This visa is suitable for entrepreneurs, investors, or business owners seeking to establish or expand their business presence in the country. Requirements often include proof of investment capital and a detailed business plan.

Long Term Residence Visa:

Thailand offers a Long-Term Residence Visa for individuals who meet specific criteria, such as contributing to the country’s economy, investing in property, or having family ties to Thai citizens. This visa allows holders to reside in Thailand for an extended period, typically up to 10 years.

Marriage Visa and Retirement Visa:

These visas allow foreigners who are either married to a Thai citizen or meet the age requirement for retirement to reside in Thailand on a long-term basis. They require proof of marriage or retirement funds, respectively.

Business Visa: Non-B

The Non-Immigrant B (Business) Visa is for individuals engaging in business activities in Thailand, such as attending meetings, conferences, or exploring potential business opportunities. Applicants typically need to provide documents related to their business activities and may need sponsorship from a Thai company.

Residence Visas:

Thailand offers various residence visa options tailored to different circumstances, such as employment, family reunification, or investment. These visas allow individuals to live in Thailand for an extended period, often requiring specific documentation and meeting certain criteria related to the visa category.